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Hands Off [A.I.].

On one hand »Hands Off [A.I.]« is a collection of automated animations generated over the last year for R&D reasons and out of interest for automated motion design. Automated means, there are no keyframes used what so ever for any of the clips in this piece.

On the other hand »Hands Off [A.I.]« is an artistic comment to Tim Urbans writing on A.I. “The AI Revolution: The Road to Superintelligence” [] on, as I developed a heavy mental vertigo after reading the article with all that it implies.

Maybe the outcomes of my visual experiment might be estetically appealing to some of us, so might A.I. be. But what will awaits us, once these automated creatures become self aware and procreate in an uncontrolled manner / overpover us in intelligence? Will you get scared?

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It’s Nice That
Vice – The Creators Project

Design, Animation and Sound Mixing: Moritz Reichartz
Speaker: / British English, Harry, slow
Sounds: Sound IDs (IOOA): 342169, 342219, 341761, 320142, 336718, 342132, 336720, 342191, 341763, 342096, 341814, 342177

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“Cold Ice” by Cebra

Musicvideo Cebra – Cold Ice. 5:32min.

Director: Moritz Reichartz
Camera & Light: Stefan Eisenburger
Screeplay: Vânia Oliveira & Moritz Reichartz
Costumes & Make-Up: Vânia Oliveira
Produced By: Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln

© KHM 2013 / Moritz Reichartz