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“Space Diaspora” by “OY”.

This is the music video for the song “Space Diaspora” of OY’s new album bearing the same name.

The musicians Joy & Lleluja – about the clip & song:
On our new album we tell the story of mankind’s future on a imaginary planet called Space Diaspora. So Space Diaspora is the second single and the title track of our new album. The song is the beginning of this space opera and tells the story of the departure & transformation of planet Earth in and onto Space Diaspora. We couldn’t have been more lucky than to have Moritz Reichartz illustrate and interpret this story for us. The clip allows further imagination and interpretation.. and so we invite people to participate and build their own story. ‘After all, in spite of all technological inventions, the farthest we can travel is still with our minds.’

The label sais:
Life on Space Diaspora is a reflection and a distortion of our own struggling world, conveying sentiments of modern alienation and transnational identity. OY’s thoughtful and humorous, tongue-in-cheek approach looks back at current times from the vantage point of a chaos-driven but blooming society in our own future. A vision which elicits tears as well as smiles, and praises the huge potential of the in-between.

The director Moritz Reichartz about the clip:
Technically speaking, the video is generated almost without keyframes, which are traditionally an essential tool for computer based animation. I work with these nokeyframe techniques for the last two years (latest publised result is “Hands Off [AI]” as i found they often produce unforseable, better than imagination results that are filled with a lot more life and provide a wide spectrum of outcome to choose from.
Dynamic simulations, noise and time driven animations and textures, hair systems, formula based deformers, force and turbulence guided particle systems and many caches baked in specefic chronological orders brig this story to life.
The process for the video was more the one of a labrotory rather that the one of inbetweening classical storyboard images in squares. Probably not more that 40 keyframes, mostly used for the camera work where used in this project.

Write-Ups / Releases

Creators Project
Noisey (CH)
FLOOD Magazine

Nominatios / Prises

Nominated for “Best Swiss Video Clip 2017”.
Nominated for “Webvideopreis Deutschland – Category: ArtHouse”.

Music: OY
Direction, Design, Animation and Images: Moritz Reichartz
Story: Moritz Reichartz, Joy Frempong and Lleluja-Ha