I’m a senior freelance Art Director / Director / 3D artist / CG generalist / Motion Designer / Animator with over 14 years of experience in the field of computer generated moving 3D imagery (stills included) and a diploma in Architecture & Design Studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart, Germany (final degree 2010). All spectrum from full CG to filmed footage compositing is part of my field of experience.

With a deep love for animation, shading and lighting I generally work with procedual and node based techniques. I always try to give lucky accidents and unexpected coincidences a chance to contribute to the final imagery, whilst cosistently aiming for brilliant high quality visuals in a very controled manner. Moodboards, reference imagery, previs, styleframes and animatics along the precess are always part of each projects process.

With a Cinema4D centered workflow I am shading and lighting in all major render packages (Redshift, Octane, Arnold, Physical, ProRedner). Animations are created in C4D (classically keyframed as well as often procedual animations, node based, XPresso and cached dynmaics or specialized plugins). Particle simulations are executed in X-Particles. Compositing (AOV compositing if reasonable) is done in AfterEffects. All of this is happening on a beefy 4GPU / Threadripper workstation. Object and Camera tracking are done in Syntheyes.

I am available for freelance bookings, project inqiries, direct commissions and new creative collaborations!
Feel free to call me, or drop me a line.

Moritz Reichartz.
Cologne, Germany

mail: m.reichartz [at] gmail [dot] com

phone: 0049.178.1360973