mr. woo-hoo

Title: Was bewegt dich? Zeig uns, wie du glaubst, zeig uns, was du liebst. Zeig uns, worauf du hoffst.
YouTubeSpot for the second 1:31 YouTube Contest awarding the work of young VideoBloggers.


Client: Ruhruniversität Bochum, Zentrum für angewandte Pastoralforschung
Production: farhouse media GmbH & Co. KG
Direction: Johannes Hampel
Design, Animation: Omid Arzang
3D Tracking: Moritz Reichartz
Camera: barracuda film GmbH
Actor: Simeon Long
Synchronstudio: Studio Funk

▼ 3D Camera+Object track proof of concept before handing TrackingData to 3D artist.

▼ Final, ergonomical “goggle mask”.

▼ Fist, super massive test “box mask”.

Aug 2015