Dimple Cup Final Concept Presentation

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All images in this presentation are full fidelity style frames illustrating the final graphical quality of the music video. Please click these images for full resolution.



The whole story will be told by two (well actually three) pairs of shoes. The strong rhythm of the song supports the steps and moves a short romantic love story. The shoes undergo encounters, they walk alone, they make love, they flirt, they play while passing different landscapes. We see a love story told in an abstract way. The structure of the song with its musical parts, like intro, outro, verse, instrumentals, breaks will structure the story. Verses are always showing lonly shoes, instrumentals are showing pairs. Breaks are without shoes, telling strange or funny little side kick stories. The long break in the clouds is an exception. Please see the graphical indication in the „OVERLAY“ animatic verion of the animatic to understand the structure described here.

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Visual Style:

The visual world we are moving in is bright, friendly, with very little depth of field and semi transparent shoes. It is very stylish, lucid and with varying amounts of intense color that will be the moving counterpart to the moving shoes. The rest of the scenery will be still set design passing by as the camera moves at constant speed throughout the whole video.

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Landscape / Floor /Scenery:

The landscape / floor / scenery will be filled with loads of small things and is put into specific ambiental feelings. The surroundings décor is placed very specificly to indirectly tell other aspects of the story by means of interpretation and observation. Grass, Plants, furniture, clothes, domestic objects, trash, sand, cigarette butts, asphalt, shade from under a tree, gravel, clouds smoke, mobile phone, candles, plates with cutlery and so on will be part of it. All décor will be static and non animated, non moving.

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Colored Elements:

The colored elements will be animated and are the moving counterpart to the moving shoes. These elements are very geometrical in this rich environment and will dynamicly move, supporting each musical chapter they are in. Color will be the currency, describing the intensity of our protagonists relationship. The more color, the more intnse, the less, the more lonely our shoes are.

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Animatic / Animation Preview:

About the animatic I decided to send you a shaded version of the storyline-shoe-animation, so you don‘t only see grey polygon shoes, but also see the depth of field produced my the camera, which is a very important part of the whole music video. Please always remember: The scenery in this preview animation in completely empty, because the whole „landscpae / scenery / floor“ is not installed yet. Yet, we see a finalized animation of the shoes and skateboards. There are two preview versions shown below:

1. Animated story preview with graphical overlay:
The graphical overlay is ment to indicate the musical parts I mentioned above for better understanding of the concept. Frame numbers are indicated for better communication between us. Of course all graphic overlay will be removed in the final music video.

2. Animated story preview without graphical overlay:
This version does not show the graphical overlay to prevent visual irritation.